Vbeam for Legs

VBeam Leg Vein After Care Instructions  

Supplies you will need:

  • Compression stockings
  • Ice packs

In order to assure proper healing and desirable results, we recommend following these instructions:

  1. Immediately following treatment, the legs need to be elevated and ice packs applied to relieve swelling and inflammation. Tylenol or Aleve can be taken to reduce pain and inflammation as needed.
  2. You will need to stay off of your feet as much as possible and compression stockings need to be worn throughout the day to help keep pressure and excess fluid drainage from the treated areas. Continue wearing the compression stockings for at least four weeks after treatment.
  3. There will be significant bruising involving the treated sites that will usually last approximately 10 to 14 days following treatment. DO NOT pick or scratch at the affected areas while they are healing.
  4. Avoid vigorous exercise, excessively hot showers or bathing and sun exposure for the next three to four days.
  5. Once the areas have completely healed, you may return to normal daily activities.
  6. A four-week follow up is recommended to evaluate your progress and re-treat any areas that did not respond to initial treatment.