ADSCA accepts a variety of insurance plans. Call our office to verify prior to your appointment. Below are the steps we take in our billing process. If you have any questions, please call our office at 901-759-2322.

  1. Collect co-pays.
    1. Prior to each appointment, the patient is responsible for covering any co-pay as specified by his or her insurance plan.
  2. File with insurance.
    1. After each appointment, ADSCA will file a claim with the patient’s insurance company. The patient should then receive an explanation of benefits detailing what costs were covered and if the patient owes any amount not covered by the insurance company. Check with your provider to determine how your explanation of benefits is managed.
  3. Bill as necessary.
    1. If a patient’s insurance does not cover all or part of an appointment or procedure, ADSCA will bill the patient directly for the balance. Payment plans are available. For questions regarding our billing process, please call 901-759-2322

ADSCA accepts a variety of insurance plans. Please call our office at 901-759-2322 and we can verify your plan before your first appointment. 

Rebates and Offers
Many pharmaceutical companies make offers and rebates to our patients for various prescription medications. Click the links below to claim any applicable rebates or offers. Most manufacturers require that the forms be submitted with a proof of purchase from a pharmacy.

Important Notes

  • Savings are not available for all products, and some offers may have limitations. Please confirm the expiration date on the offer you plan to claim.
  • Not all patients qualify for every offer. Check the eligibility criteria provided by the manufacturer.
  • Medication coupons or rebates are prohibited in some states. Check with your pharmacy to ensure you can claim your preferred offer.
  • The below offers cannot be used for prescriptions paid for by federal or state health insurance programs like Medicaid or Medicare.

Links to Rebates and Offers